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Sidewalk accident lawyer in Baldwin Park, CA

Sidewalk Accident Lawyer in Baldwin Park

Sidewalk accidents are amongst the most common types of slip and fall accidents because a sidewalk can be hazardous or dangerous when left neglected. Falling on concrete can cause major injuries such as concussions, broken bones, brain damage, and more. There are several causes of sidewalk accidents, some are listed here:

  • Sidewalk damage (cracks or uneven pavement)
  • Poor weather conditions (snow, ice, and water)
  • Loose debris
  • Hazardous materials

When sidewalk accidents happen due to the negligence of a separate party, it is prudent to discuss your incident with a sidewalk accident lawyer. At First Law Group, we offer a free consultation to find out more regarding your incident and to provide you with legal guidance.

Looking Into the Legal Options Following a Sidewalk Accident

Depending on where you fell, you might either file a claim against a private property owner or a municipality. When seeking sidewalk accident compensation, the victim must prove negligence to be successful. The discussion of liability requires the injured party to fulfill the burden of proof. In doing so, the individual has to prove the property owner knew, or should have known about the sidewalk conditions and did not repair it. Satisfying the burden of proof is best achieved using evidence.

Establishing Liability and Evidence Collection Following a Sidewalk Accident

As stated above, liability is established by whether the property of your sidewalk accident was public or private. Usually, if another's negligence caused you to fall on a sidewalk adjacent from a private property owner's property, that owner is responsible. If another's negligence caused you to fall on a municipality-owned property, the responsibility belongs to the municipality.

In terms of general legal evaluation, municipalities or property owners are given a window of time for cleaning their property after inclement weather conditions in most states. If an individual was walking and got injured during this allocated time window, the victim might not have a case since it was a risk to walk. If an injury occurs after the municipality's time window runs out, the party responsible for taking care of the sidewalk could be held liable.

No matter the negligent party, liability is determined by the following factors. You must prove that the property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the hazardous sidewalk conditions, the owner neglected to take action to fix the hazard, and you sustained damages as a result of the negligence. Evidence is the most effective way to prove the above factors.

Since evidence is critical, there are some vital steps to complete following a slip and fall accident. By completing this list following your accident, you increase the likelihood of winning your claim and sidewalk accident compensation. They are as follows:

  • Call the authorities and emergency services following your accident, so immediate medical care is offered and documentation of the incident is complete.
  • Collect the contact info of any witnesses to your accident.
  • Take pictures of the safety hazard that led to your accident before the negligent property owner has an opportunity to discard evidence.
  • Receive medical treatment for injuries and ask your doctor for medical records regarding the source and extent of your injuries.
  • Consult with a sidewalk accident lawyer to establish the validity of your claim.
  • After filing your lawsuit, stay away from social media to make sure your case is protected.

Considering a sidewalk accident attorney for your case is important because an attorney can efficiently collect and present all additional evidence required to satisfy the burden of proof. Sometimes, evidence may be challenging for you to gather, such as security camera video or expert witnesses, which a sidewalk accident attorney can facilitate.

Damages You Can Claim After a Sidewalk Accident

Sidewalk accident injuries can vary from mild scrapes and bruises to more significant damage like broken bones and head trauma. Typically, they have one thing in common-- they can lead to emotional, financial, and physical problems for you.

Some common things we help clients pursue compensation for after a sidewalk accident consist of:

  • Income lost as a result of missed work, now and later on.
  • Expenses for medical treatment.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Psychological burdens.

These damages fall into two classifications-- noneconomic and economic.

Noneconomic damages do not have a tangible dollar value. Examples are psychological distress and pain and suffering. Financial damages help cover costs with a specific value, like medical care and the amount of earnings you lost from missing work.

Slip and fall accidents on sidewalks can be complicated since they can involve both property owners and local governments. The best approach for successfully establishing fault is partnering with an expert sidewalk accident attorney who knows how to build a case and prove negligence.

Start with Your Sidewalk Accident Case

As stated above, sidewalk accidents are complex from the start, because the party accountable for the sidewalk hazard must be identified. Sidewalk accident injury lawyers have a knowledge base and experience for dealing with these cases. By partnering with First Law Group, you increase the possibility of you getting sidewalk accident compensation and guarantee your best interests are defended. With our client devotion and proven track record, our First Law Group team is confident in our ability to get you justice and your rightful compensation!

At First Law Group, we really care about our community and we are driven by our passion for clients. Our personal injury lawyers in Baldwin Park, California are always available to take your call. For a Free Consultation, call us at (855) 578-1529, or visit our website:

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