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Pomona Family Car Accident Lawyer

If your child experiences injuries from a serious accident caused by the carelessness of another, our Pomona child car accident attorneys can help. We will seek the compensation and justice you and your child deserve. Call us at (626) 888-8264 to talk to an attorney for free.

Anyone can sustain injury in a car accident, however some people are more likely than others to sustain harm. Amongst all age groups, children involved in car accidents are especially vulnerable to sustaining injuries in a collision even when the proper preventative measures are used.

How To Protect Your Child In A Car Accident?

Compliance with required safety provisions has grown dramatically in recent decades. However, proper safety procedures are still a major issue and cause of child injuries in car accidents.

The most common safety procedures developed to keep children safe include the use of:

  • Car seats
  • Booster seats
  • Seat belts
  • Only permitting young children to ride only in the back seat of an automobile

What To Do After Your Child Is Hurt?

Seeing your child hurt in a car accident, regardless of who caused the accident, can be difficult. It will most likely cause a parent stress, but it's important to remain calm so you can help your child. Here what you should do after a car accident:

  • If your child appears to be seriously hurt, the first thing you need to do is get them medical attention immediately by calling 911. While there are a number of vital things to be done at the scene of the collision, getting medical care and making sure everybody is safe should be your top priority.
  • Next, even if there are no serious injuries, you still want to call the authorities to make a traffic collision report. Do not anyone at the scene of the accident talk you out of reporting the crash to the police. Not reporting the accident to authorities can create problems with your accident claim down the road. For example, there are now some insurance policies that will not offer coverage if the authorities aren't called within a particular amount of time.
  • Exchange contact information with the other motorists and get their insurance info. This is extremely important. Ask to see and photograph their driver's license and insurance card so you know the info is correct.
  • If your child appears to be fine, you should collect some evidence of your own before heading off to the hospital to be checked out. Take as many photos as you can of the accident. Take pictures of your car and any other cars that were involved, your injuries, and also the surrounding area.
  • Talk to independent witnesses and get their contact information if you can. Encourage nearby witnesses to stay at the scene and speak to the investigating police officers. In a disputed liability claim, an independent witness can win your case.
  • Lastly, you'll want to begin looking for a lawyer. It's important that you hire a lawyer prior to talking to the insurance companies. The insurance carrier of the at-fault party will start working against your interests right away. An insurance adjuster might attempt to take a recorded statement, or may even attempt to fool you into signing a release of claims for a lowball settlement.

What Compensation Can You Get?

An injury to your child can be costly. You may worry about the amount of financial debt an accident can generate. However, your attorney is there to help be sure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Compensation is split into two different classifications: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include particular financial losses that you experienced as a result of your child's injuries. This can include any medical costs, such as ambulance rides, surgery costs, doctor's visits, and even therapy (both physical and psychological). You can also get compensation for any wages you may have lost while taking care of your recovering child and any childcare costs as well.

Non-economic damages consist of pain and suffering, compensation for long-lasting disability and disfigurement, and any other non-monetary damages that impact your child's life. While a claim for an adult would look at the quality of life prior to and after the accident, it can be harder to determine pain and suffering values for a child. Frequently, these values can be higher, as the injuries can be much more devastating and have a greater emotional impact on children.

In this instance, your lawyer would consider how the injury will likely affect your child's future, and how their life will be different moving forward. Have they missed a lot of school? Are they going to physically heal completely? Are they going to have ongoing pain and discomfort? Essentially, rather than just looking at their past, we also consider their future and how it could be impacted by their injuries.

What To Do When Children Are Involved In Car Accidents In Pomona?

Like adults, the laws in Pomona give children the right to seek compensation for their injuries if they are harmed in an automobile accident due to another's carelessness. This may be the negligence of another driver or perhaps the driver in the car with the child, depending on the accident and the circumstance that resulted. The important thing to understand is that if your child has been hurt, your child and your family may have a claim for damages. You should contact a Pomona child car accident lawyer for more information concerning your options.

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