Personal Injury Lawyer - Covina, Hemet, California
Personal Injury Lawyer - Covina, Hemet, California

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Were you injured in an accident due to someone’s negligence or careless actions? If so, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries or other losses.

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Personal Injury Lawyer - Covina, Hemet, California
Personal Injury Lawyer - Covina, Hemet, California

California Law Protects You in Personal Injury Cases.

Were you injured in an accident due to someone’s negligence or careless actions? If so, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries or other losses. California law gives you the right to file a claim against the at-fault party and recover damages to you or your family. When you are ready to move forward with your case, we can help.

At First Law Group, we work with victims in personal injury cases. Our law firm can represent you to take on the insurance company and help you get the best outcome possible for your case. We work hard to protect your rights and get you a fair settlement. Contact us today at (626) 888-8264 to get a free case assessment from a personal injury lawyer in Corvina, California.

We Handle All Types Of Personal Injury Cases In California

When you are injured, and someone else is at fault, you need an attorney that has experience with personal injury cases. Our legal team takes on a variety of injury claims. We have represented clients both in and out of court in cases such as:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Animal Attacks
  • Slip and Fall
  • Workers Compensation

We can discuss your accident, answer your questions, and go over your legal options. Our lawyers can also guide you through the litigation process to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Legal Support You Need To Win Your Case

If you have never filed an injury claim, you quickly discover how difficult it is to navigate the claims process. If the at-fault party denies responsibility or the insurance company rejects your claim, winning your case becomes an uphill climb. First Law Group can give you the leverage you need to win your case. We offer the following legal services:

Handle Your Entire Case

When you are recovering from your injuries, you may not have the mobility or resources you need to file your injury claim. Our legal team can manage your entire case. We communicate with all relevant parties, build your case, prepare all documents, and estimate your damages. We take the burden out of personal injury cases.

Negotiate With The Insurance Company

We calculate the value of your financial and personal losses and send your claim to the insurance company. We also communicate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf so that you do not have to.

File A Lawsuit

Once the insurance company receives your personal injury claim, they may reject your claim or offer a settlement that does not reflect your damages. If so, you do not have to settle for the insurance company’s decision. We can file a lawsuit and prepare your case to court. Our lawyers are prepared to present your case in front of the judge and continue fighting for your rights.

Working To Protect The Community

We are proud that our legal work deters careless and negligent acts from repeating which protects the community from future harm.

Establishing Liability In A Personal Injury Case

To win your case, we must prove that someone else is liable for your injuries and subsequent damages. Our legal team will perform a thorough investigation to uncover evidence of fault and liability. Some of the evidence we gather during the investigation may include

  • Eyewitnesses
  • Accident or police reports
  • Photos or video footage
  • Expert testimony
  • Clues at the scene of the accident
  • Medical reports

We use the evidence to build your case and prove that your injuries occurred due to the negligence of the at-fault party. Therefore, you need to keep records of all correspondence, medical bills, and other documents that we can use to support your claim.

Damages You Can Recover In A Personal Injury Case

What damages you can claim in a personal injury case depends on the circumstances of the accident, who is at fault, and the extent of your injuries and financial losses. Damages may include economic, non-economic (general), or punitive damages.

Economic Losses

Economic damages are financial losses that we can calculate. They may include living adjustments, property repairs, rehabilitation, medical bills, benefits, bonuses, or lost wages. They make up a significant portion of your claim and gives us an exact idea of how much the at-fault party owes you.

Non-Economic Losses

Non-economic or general losses are damages that impact your life or your household. General damages may include disability, loss of consortium (companionship), loss of parental support, emotional distress, or physical suffering. While these damages are not calculable, we can assign a dollar value to them and add them to your claim.

Punitive Damages

If your injuries were caused due to reckless behavior or gross negligence, the court might award punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded as a way of punishing the at-fault party or making them an example. These types of damages are not related to your injuries or financial losses and are wholly decided by the court.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a loved one in an accident, you or your family may be entitled to pursue compensation for death-related losses. Damages in a wrongful death case include burial and funeral expenses, lost household income, pre-death medical expenses, or pain and suffering.

Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation based on your actual losses and not what the insurer is willing to settle for. Don’t let the insurance company determine the value of your case. Our law firm can help you estimate the value of your claim to ensure that your losses are covered.

Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations In California

According to the California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, the statute of limitation for personal injury cases is two years. In other words, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you miss the two-year deadline, you may no longer be eligible to recover your losses. So, do not delay. Contact First Law Group today to file your personal injury claim before it’s too late.

Contact First Law Group To Get Started with Your Case

If you are ready to move forward with your personal injury claim, we are ready to help. Contact First Law Group at (626) 888-8264 to get a free case assessment from a personal injury lawyer in Covina, California. We also serve clients in San Dimas, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, and Jurupa Valley.

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At the First Law Group, the client comes first. Contact us today for a free case evaluation where we will discuss your health needs first, then get you the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer Covina, Hemet, California

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