Insurance Company Tactics To Limit Claims

Insurance Company Tactics To Limit ClaimsThe following article will cover:

What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Use To Delay, Deny Or Limit Claims?

Insurance companies may use bullying tactics to discourage people from pursuing claims. They may deny liability up until the trial date, even in clear-cut cases, such as rear-end collisions.

Shifting Responsibility

Insurance companies may suddenly change their position on liability right before trial, admitting fault after years of denying it. This can cause confusion and make it difficult for claimants to argue that the insurance company caused them additional mental anguish and suffering due to the delay.

Pre-existing Injuries And Force Of Impact

Insurers may argue that the claimant had a preexisting injury or that the force of the impact was not enough to cause the injuries claimed. They may rely on expert doctors who focus on the accident’s circumstances rather than the actual injuries the claimant has experienced.

Public Perception

Insurance companies have been successful in convincing the public that many personal injury claims are fraudulent or exaggerated. This perception can make it harder for genuine claimants to receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Exploiting Claimants’ Lack Of Stamina

Insurers know that many people lack the patience, stamina, or financial resources to pursue a claim for several years. This knowledge allows them to drag out the process, hoping that the claimant or their attorney will give up before reaching a settlement.

Encouraging Claimants To Return To Work

Insurance companies may attempt to limit claims by encouraging claimants to return to work despite their pain and limitations. While it is essential for people to continue providing for their families, returning to work prematurely can make it difficult to prove the severity of their injuries.

In summary, insurance companies use various tactics to delay, deny, or limit claims, including bullying, shifting responsibility, exploiting claimants’ lack of stamina, and leveraging public perception. Being aware of these tactics and hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can help claimants navigate the complex process and fight for fair compensation.

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