School Accident Lawyer In Ontario, CA

School Accident Injury Lawyer

When you send your children off to school, you trust that they will be safe. Between the school bus driver, the principal, your kid's teacher, as well as dozens of other personnel, your kid should be well cared for-- but that isn't always the situation.

If your child has been hurt at school, you need knowledgeable litigation on your side. At First Law Group, our personal injury lawyers have experience with school injury cases, and we will get you and your child the justice you deserve. Call us today for a no-cost consultation with one of our understanding lawyers.

Understanding Personal Injury Claims Against Schools

Kids often take part in activities that can result in bumps, scratches, and other small injuries. These situations are typically inevitable and not due to the school's negligence.

In the case of a serious injury, however, negligence might be to blame, leaving the school district liable for all resulting damages. Both public and private schools can be held liable for injuries that happen on or near campus and while transporting students. Actions considered negligent by the school might include:

  • School bus accidents
  • Playground injuries caused by a lack of supervision
  • Food poisoning
  • Slip and fall accidents as a result of hazardous conditions
  • Exposure to asbestos

If your kid was injured at school, you must submit a claim against the school to prove negligence. An expert school injury attorney can help build your case and also represent you in court, making sure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

What You Can Do If Your Child Was Harmed At School

If your kid was injured while at school, you can make sure they get the best quality of care and assistance. Here's how to continue, starting immediately after the situation occurs.

Receive Medical Care As Soon As Possible

If any injury takes place on the grounds of the school, the nurse will likely call you to get your child. Based on their explanation of the injury, you might want to request they call an ambulance-- or they may let you know that is their recommended option.

If your child comes home injured and without notification by the school, however, call an ambulance or drive them to the emergency room for an evaluation and care. If the injuries are not severe, you could also visit the urgent care center in your area.

The care team will examine the injuries and provide the proper treatments, helping relieve your child's pain and discomfort. Once your kid is stable and resting comfortably, you can find out their story of what happened.

Help Your Child Write Down What Happened

With the situation fresh in your kid's mind, ask them to tell you what occurred and carefully write down their story. Request all names of individuals in the story, providing direction on who can give additional details regarding the situation.

Once you have all the information written down, make a copy and store both in a safe place. Make them accessible, though, since you will likely need to provide your lawyer with a copy. Your attorney will use that comprehensive report to help them identify witnesses and gather evidence to support your case.

Speak With The School

After an injury happens, you want to ensure there are protections set in place to prevent another accident. Without a doubt, before your kid go back to school, you will want to take this step and follow up to be sure all plans are put in place. Only when the school rectifies the problem is it safe to consider sending the child back.

Contact An Attorney To Rule Out Negligence

The school additionally needs to be informed if you plan on filing a legal action against the district. You will need to file a notice of claim in writing to offer the school an opportunity to investigate. In many places, this needs to be submitted within 60 to 90 days or you will not be able to proceed with a claim.

By contacting a lawyer soon after a school injury takes place, you can get help with filing this claim before time runs out. Once the school finishes their investigation, your attorney can then file a legal action against the school.

School Injury Attorney

If your kid was hurt because of their school's oversight, you deserve justice. The knowledgeable and caring lawyers at First Law Group are here to help you work towards that goal. We'll be sure that you obtain the full compensation you deserve. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers.

At First Law Group, we really care about our community and we are driven by our passion for clients. Our personal injury lawyers in Ontario, California are always available to take your call. For a Free Consultation, call us at (626) 888-8264, or visit our website:

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